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Westridge Family Loop

Westridge Family Snowmobile Loop

Westridge Family Snowmobile Loop

The Experience

The FAMILY LOOP is closed for the majority of the season due to logging activities.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  For another user friendly trail, we suggest the Clemina Creek snowmobile areas 36km south of town

The Westridge Family Loop is a low-elevation, 22-km snowmobiling loop with lovely views of the valley and town of Valemount, providing an excellent place for first timers to hone their snowmobiling skills before heading into the steeper mountains. A warming hut is located at the far end of the recreation area to fight off winter chills.




This trail is not yet on the grooming schedule, but there are development plans for the future. To view groomed access trails, click HERE.

Trail Access and Parking

Directly accessible form the West side of the town of Valemount, the Lower Westridge area provides an ideal area for snowmobile touring for the whole family.

Connecting Areas

The larger Westridge Area also offers some extremely technical and advanced mountain riding. It is accessed from the lower loop via an undeveloped trail that is extremely technical and not recommended for anything but advanced riders. Once into the alpine, riders are greeted by enormous bowls, spectacular scenery and incredible snowfall.

Please Contact the VARDA office for more info on this area