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Clemina Creek

Very important update on Clemina Creek Logging 2018

The Clemina Creek FSR will have ACTIVE LOGGING from November 15th, 2018 to approximately December 21, 2018.
The logging will take place beyond the 14km marker up by what snowmobilers call Morning Glory access route.

This is an aggressive logging operation and traffic will be extremely busy on the Forest Service Road. Grooming operations will NOT BEGIN in the area until all the logging operations have ceased for the season. There will be no snowmobile trail available as options simply do not exist for us at this time, but the club is working with government to look into options to avoid this in future years.

The contractors are working very well with us and have agreed to try to plow out a turn around at the end of the plowed road system, but this will be minimal. We strongly emphasize caution and avoidance as the road will see very heavy truck traffic during the week days and travel is NOT recommended.

It was explained to us that there will NOT be logging truck traffic on the road on Saturday or Sunday although there may be maintenance vehicles such as pickup trucks and graders so it is extremely crucial that anyone who attempts to travel up this road use proper protocol for calling KM’s and carry a radio at all times. Radio channel for the road is #26

This is a narrow and often steep, winding road and will see heavy truck traffic. Travel is not recommended unless equipped with chains and proper radio protocol.

Please remember that it is illegal to ride a snowmobile on a plowed road and this will be enforced in the area during the logging operations.

VARDA will be doing what we can to help our guests. We will be increasing grooming shifts in the Allan and Chappell Creek riding areas and trying to open up Keyhole for grooming as soon as there is enough snow to all it.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but thank you for your cooperation.



Clemina Creek Sledding

Clemina Creek Sleddi

The Experience

This area is very accessible to all levels of riding ability and all levels can find suitable terrain. In times of poor weather and visibility, this area can produce some excellent tree riding. The trails to the alpine of Clemina Creek are wide and easy to ride.

Elevation ranges from 5500-8000′

Cabin GPS location: N52.538042lat W118.946563




A regularly groomed 17km trail will take you to the Clemina Cabin and another 4km trail will take you to the Goat Ridge Bowl alpine areas. The first access trail to the alpine is left up Morning Glory at 15km and the 19km mark behind the cabin will take you up the Wind tunnel trail. Proceeding to the 21km mark will the valley trail swings left to access the Goat Ridge system of bowls.

Trail Access and Parking

The large parking lot and trail-head are located east of Highway 5, 30km south of Valemount.


Please watch for the Dixon Glacier Snowmobile Closure signs on the Wind tunnel trail.