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Grooming Schedule and Conditions


Updated November 13, 2018

This past weekend delivered some lower valley snow that allowed access to the Allan Creek alpine for the day, although it was very thin and certainly came with its challenges. Alpine snow depths averaged around 70cms over the weekend and numerous natural hazards still exist. Mountain riding conditions are not good.

Area Updates

Allan Creek – As with every early season, we close the gate to the “New Trail” up Allan Creek to preserve the snow and allow for the best possible start up of our grooming operations. Early season access to Allan Creek is via the “old trail” (take the left at 3km) and it remains very thin and will soon ice up as it normally does in early season. We recommend only experienced riders attempt to access this area until further snow falls.

Clemina CreekACTIVE LOGGING from November 15th, 2018 to approximately December 21, 2018. Grooming operations will NOT BEGIN in the area until all the logging operations have ceased for the season. The logging will take place beyond the 14km marker up by what snowmobilers call Morning Glory access route. This is an aggressive logging operation and traffic will be extremely busy on the Forest Service Road. There will be no snowmobile trail available as options simply do not exist for us at this time. For those daring to drive up the road, a radio is a must and the channel is RR26 or 151.34000.

Chappell Creek – cannot yet be accessed.

Keep your wits about you and check www.avalanche.ca before your ride. If you do venture out, please report any of your findings to the Mountain Information Network through Avalanche Canada. This can be as simple as uploading a few pictures to the app.


If you haven’t already done so, please check out the sponsor listings on our website and show some love back to the businesses that support snowmobiling in Valemount. Without their support, we could not be as active as we are!

Always be aware of your surroundings and the current avalanche conditions. Read your local bulletin from www.avalanche.ca before every ride. If you are in an area affected by wildlife closures, primarily Allan and Chappell, it is YOUR responsibility to know where you are in relation to the boundaries and always be aware of your surroundings. Even small infractions can have a drastic effect.

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Mountain Caribou – The Allen and Chappell Creek Riding areas are surrounded by wildlife closures. Please educate others and report any witnessed infractions to the RAPP Line at 1877-952-7277. Files are available on our website that can be put into your gps or phone to help you understand the boundaries. Failure to comply with regulations or to report infractions will only result in further restrictions and potential loss of the area and none of us want that. STAY IN BOUNDS!


General Info

Membership – WE NEED MEMBERS! It has never been so easy to become a VARDA member.
We have now moved to an online membership system and you can sign on at any time by scanning this QR code or by visiting the membership section on the VARDA web page. You can also purchase memberships at the trailhead.

Please report any Caribou and other Wildlife sightings to the VARDA office. We need location, number of animals, animals actions (at rest, at travel etc). This information is important to our riding areas.

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