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Grooming Schedule and Conditions


Updated April 26, 2017

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This time of year, you never know when its going to hammer down and very often we get surprised with some amazing snowfalls up in the mountains that were not in the forecast, so our advice is to take the gamble and get out for a ride while you still can!  If you have access updates, please help us out and email some information into info@ridevalemount.com or post it on our facebook page.  Help is appreciated!

Access is getting very thin at most of the areas. A bit of gravel riding is mandatory anywhere you go. Trucks with trailers can still make it to 4km at Clemina although there is a fair bit of gravel riding from there to the 7km marker. I would say Allen is almost done, just depends on how much gravel you want to ride…

NOTE! The spring snowpack is difficult to predict as the spring sun packs a big punch and old weaknesses can wake up.  Choose your terrain according to the conditions and your skill level.  Keep your wits about you and check www.avalanche.ca before your ride.  If you do venture out, please report any of your findings to the Mountain Information Network through Avalanche Canada.  RIDE SAFE!

From the VARDA Board and the local community, would like to thank everyone for riding Valemount.  It has been a great season all around and we are already looking forward to next year.  Enjoy this last push with the groomers and have a great weekend.

Please remember to leave the facilities and the mountains as clean as you found them. Pack out everything you pack in and more. The garbage cans located in the cabins are only for those who can’t understand this concept.

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General Info

Membership – WE NEED MEMBERS! It has never been so easy to become a VARDA member.
We have now moved to an online membership system and you can sign on at any time by scanning this QR code or by visiting the membership section on the VARDA web page. You can also purchase memberships at the trailhead.

Please report any Caribou and other Wildlife sightings to the VARDA office. We need location, number of animals, animals actions (at rest, at travel etc). This information is important to our riding areas.

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