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Grooming Schedule and Conditions

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Updated February 19, 2019

The upcoming forecast is a mix of bits of new snow and the occasional shot of sun. Conditions wise, the common areas are ridden quite hard as we have not had a large amount of fresh snow for some time now. We are all eagerly awaiting the next big reload. As always, there are fresh lines out there if you go looking and every day on the mountain a good day. We always like stories and photos and your info helps us create these reports. Please help us out and report your snow info or maintenance needs to our facebook page or via email.

Please be aware of your location at all times. Allan and Chappell Creek are surrounded by wildlife closures and any infraction is extremely detrimental to our cause of protecting our ride areas. We are in a very sensitive state in the province right now and it is more important than ever to show what good stewards the snowmobile community is. Please help with education and self policing while out in the field. 

Remember to share your condition reports and pics with us at info@ridevalemount.com or tag @ridevalemount.

Ride safe.


Grooming & Area Updates

To make a better experience for the users, we do not base our grooming needs on a numbers game or time frame. Instead we treat it like a forecast and look at the two main factors that affect trail quality such as temperature and recent snowfall. The number of riders actually comes last, as with the first two factors (temps and snowfall), we can tell a lot about how long a trail will last. This method allows us to increase grooming shifts in less than favorable conditions with lower rider numbers (ie. trail not paid for) and maybe have a long spell in between shifts if the conditions can handle it. Our trails should always be considered in groomed condition.

Allan Creek, Chappell Creek, Clemina Creek and Keyhole – Grooming is ongoing and trail passes are required daily.

Crystal Ridge – GROOMED Recently. If you like a smooth access trail. Please use the donation box on the main sign board in the staging area to support this grooming program.

Westridge – IMPORTANT INFO – The FSR is now plowed to 7km so this takes away the use of the upper family loop. Access to the family loop is still available via the Valley bottom access although a loop is no longer possible with the logging at 7km.

Horse Creek – Logging will be ongoing in the area and there is little to no parking available.

Oasis – Logging operations are over and the parking for the area is as normal.

Keep your wits about you and check www.avalanche.ca before your ride. If you do venture out, please report any of your findings to the Mountain Information Network through Avalanche Canada. This can be as simple as uploading a few pictures to the app.


If you haven’t already done so, please check out the sponsor listings on our website and show some love back to the businesses that support snowmobiling in Valemount. Without their support, we could not be as active as we are!

Always be aware of your surroundings and the current avalanche conditions. Read your local bulletin from www.avalanche.ca before every ride. If you are in an area affected by wildlife closures, primarily Allan and Chappell, it is YOUR responsibility to know where you are in relation to the boundaries and always be aware of your surroundings. Even small infractions can have a drastic effect.

For the most recent photos and video, please follow RideValemount on Facebook and Instagram. 


Mountain Caribou – The Allan and Chappell Creek Riding areas are surrounded by wildlife closures. Please educate others and report any witnessed infractions to the RAPP Line at 1877-952-7277. Files are available on our website that can be put into your gps or phone to help you understand the boundaries. Failure to comply with regulations or to report infractions will only result in further restrictions and potential loss of the area and none of us want that. STAY IN BOUNDS!


General Info

Membership – WE NEED MEMBERS! It has never been so easy to become a VARDA member.
We have now moved to an online membership system and you can sign on at any time by scanning this QR code or by visiting the membership section on the VARDA web page. You can also purchase memberships at the trailhead.

Please report any Caribou and other Wildlife sightings to the VARDA office. We need location, number of animals, animals actions (at rest, at travel etc). This information is important to our riding areas.

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