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Mountain Biking

Valemount wants to share our enthusiasm for trails and we are inviting you to come experience the Valemount Bike Park.  We have been working on building an amazing trail network under the guide of a mountain bike trails master plan.  The Valemount Bike Park is something we area all very proud of. At this time we offer more downhill options, although do have some great cross country / enduro options as well.

Join us on June 17th, 2017 during the Beer Festival Weekend for a full day of riding, demos and bbq!

If you haven’t visited our trail system yet, your are missing out!

In the summer of 2017 we are adding three new additions to the bike park including a designated climbing/uptrack, and two new downhill trails.  Stay tuned for further updates.

To keep tabs on what is happening on the bike seen in Valemount please like the Valemount Bike Park Page on Facebook or have a look a all of the Valemount Trails directly from your smart phone or gps on Trail Forks 



Valemount Trails Explained


(1a) Provincial Climb
This hand-made beginner to intermediate level climb begins directly from the lower staging area and finishes at the upper access to the Provincial Trail. From there it can be further linked by riding up Inversion or by continuing out to the main 5 Mile Road

(1b) Provincial Down
A hand-made beginner downhill trail, suitable for all levels of riders. This trail is accessed via an older skid road about 0.75 km up the main road; it can also be accessed from the upper section of the Inversion Trail. For novice riders this may feel like a beginner downhill ride; for intermediate riders this may feel more like a cross country/enduro ride.

2. Inversion
A hand-made cross country trail that is suitable for novice–intermediate riders. For novice riders this may feel like a beginner downhill ride; for intermediate riders this may feel more like a cross country ride. This trail intersects the Provincial trail at two separate occasions and gives riders a variety of choices. This is a great ride for anyone pedalling from the town site.

3. Mid DH Access or Exit
A relatively easy pedal from town, this trail can be used to access the middle of the DH trails including Tinfoil Hat, Andreas DH and Stump Town. This can also be used as an early exit from the DH trails to access Inversion (2).

4. Andreas’ Downhill
A very old school, hand-made fall line based downhill trail for advanced/expert riders. Steep and very rooty, this trail is NOT FOR BEGINNERS. This trail parallels the new Tinfoil Hat downhill with multiple intersections.

5. Tinfoil Hat
An intermediate level, new school downhill mountain bike trail. All jumps are table tops, and easy to be ridden over. Any drops or harder lines have ride-arounds to avoid the obstacle completely. There is a mid-point entrance, easily accessed by pedaling from the town site; however, this trail is best enjoyed by shuttle.

6. Swift Creek
This is a 10-km-long round trip ride on a hand built old school cross country trail. The finish will utilize a bit of town road to return to the 5 Mile Road and ultimately back up to the staging area. This is more designed for hiking although bikes are allowed.

7. Southern Traverse
A new school rolling cross country trail. Accessed via the main Swift Creek entrance at 1 km up 5 Mile Road. This section of trail measures 2.5 km. To get in and out will require the use of the other trails.

8. Bucket Head Connector
This is a short connector trail. It allows downhill riders to utilize some of the flow of the Southern Traverse while making their way back to the staging area.

9. Climb out or Ride In
This trail is used to enter or exit the newly built Southern Traverse or the Tech Zone. This trail will eventually be built to access much higher elevations without having to use 5 Mile Road.

10. Tech Zone
This chain of 2.5 loops, situated in a small area, provides some technically challenging trails. Frequent and often dramatic changes in elevation combined with rock create a superb environment to get the legs burning. Access via the Swift Creek and Lower Climbing trail, the alignment twists and turns through the topography with numerous optional technical trail features and a combination of fast open turns and bench cut trail.

11. Ale Trail
Accessed off of the climb out of the Tech Zone or south end of the Southern Traverse this fast and flowy section of trail acts as another option to exit the trail system to either return to the lower staging area or to coast down to the Valemount town center.

12. High Roller
Our newest addition and likely one of the nicest jump lines in BC outside of a commercial facility. Beginning at an elevation of over 1500m, this feature rich line is close to 1km long boasting some very unique options and over 20 jumps to get the arms pumping. This line terminates at the beginning of our newest downhill trail so it can be ridden as an individual trail or part of a longer downhill run.

13. Bacon by NDI
Designed to be the ultimate integration of all the various bicycling handling skills, the idea behind our flow trail is to provide a low risk, gravity assisted trail which users of variable skill level can use to develop their skills. 2 km of berms, rollers and manageable jumps will flow you to the lower staging area and guarantee to put a smile on your face.

14. Connect the Dots
A simple and easy pedal friendly 1-km trail that gets users from the DH trails over to the Flow Trail entrance. Just another option for a great ride.

15. Devils Gulch
A short rake n ride that is steep and loamy. Accessed just off of Connect the Dots, this short but sweet section is another option to spit you out onto the new Stump Town trail.

16. Stump Town
Another flowy / Dh option filled with staggered hits and huge berms. This trail ends on the 5mile access road just below Inversion and Bacon. Our plan for summer of 2017 is to add another section of trail from this termination to the main parking area creating an amazing top to bottom run.

17. Turducken
Beginning at the end of High Roller, this downhill alignment is a feature rich 2.5-km adrenaline rush. More advanced than the Tin Foil Hat, this trail offers a more challenging descent to those looking to get a bit more technical. Trees lines, natural rock features and flow like you have never seen are all highlights of this trail.

18.Northern Traverse
Continuation of the Southern traverse. A new school rolling cross country trail. Turn right after the suspension bridge over swift creek to get on to this flowy delight. Can also be traveled north to south via access off of Main St. just north of the Swift Creek bridge

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And there’s more…

There are a few other great trails  in Valemount although signage and mapping is a bit sub-standard at this time. As we move forward throughout the project, please keep looking back for more updated information on the great mountain biking opportunities in Valemount.

Tourism Valemount has created a new site at www.valemounttrails.com which holds some great info on biking and hiking around the area.